Character Review: Domino

The luckiest mutant of them all, Domino is another interesting character in X-Men’s affiliation list so let’s see if she how her luck translates to the table.

Starting with what is probably the most average stat line for 3 threats, 5 health on both sides, a medium move, size 2 and 3 defense dice against all types of attacks. Nothing noteworthy here.

Automatic Pistols is Domino’s builder. It’s one of the many attacks with Rapid Fire which aims for quantity over quality. It does have the advantage of always generating power, potentially up to 4 per activation.

Grenade Bounce is Domino’s first spender and has a fair number of effects. First, ignoring Line of Sight and Cover at R4 gives her additional reach beyond her builder. Secondly, guaranteed incinerate is pretty solid, especially at the low cost of one power. Then to top it off it has explosive to sometimes do extra splash damage. Grenade Bounce definitely makes her Automatic Pistols more appealing after you Incinerate a big model who’s unlikely to shake the incinerate.

Lucky Shot is the more expensive spender and whilst it’s not as flashy as Grenade Bounce, not giving power for the attack and the potential to stun is still solid.

Probability Manipulation is one of two superpowers that defines Domino. Being able to spend power to turn Failures into Crits on attack, defense AND dodge before they explode transforms her attack suite and defenses from average to amazing, functionally counting a new dice side into not only a success but a crit changes the math on her attack and defenses drastically. It turns her automatic pistols into deadly attacks pretty effectively. Probability Manipulation is where most of Domino’s power gets spent and what makes her such a threat on the board.

On the other side of the proverbial coin we have Things Tend To Go My Way. This superpower puts a hard ceiling on the things you can send into Domino. Having a pseudo Hex field around anyone attacking or blocking her makes her significantly more resilient defensively and threatening offensively.

Overall Domino is a pretty interesting character. While she has one of the best offensive capabilities for her threat cost and solid defensive tech, she still brings no displacement or control. Domino is deceptively good at what she does and it’s easy to underestimate just how Probability Manipulation and Things Tend To Go My Way affect her output.

Thank you and feel free to leave a comment, good luck and don’t forget to have fun!

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